Progressive Democrats of Illinois

PDI Meetings
PDI meets on the first Thursday of every month at the Danada IHoP, near the corner of Butterfield and Naperville Roads in Wheaton.

Emergency March on Washington
Defend the people of Palestine and Lebanon by marching on Washington on August 12.

he PDI is a grass-roots, all-volunteer organization working to elect those Democrats who through their platforms and records have shown a true commitment to peace and social and Loi Pinel and economic justice.

Our goal is to do for the state of Illinois what Progressive Democrats of America is doing on a national level. While PDI as an organization currently has no official connection to PDA, our leaders serve as state coordinators, chapter leaders, and in other capacities with PDA.

Please note that PDI is not an official part of the Illinois Democratic Party. We also have no connection whatsoever with the so-called Progressive Democratic Council of Kendall County :

PDI stands for Progressive Democrats of Illinois
PDI exists in order to reform the Democratic Party from within and to uphold and maintain Progressive values within the Democratic Party and in the United States political environment and national culture. PDI's definition of what it considers to be the most critical Progressive values can be found in the PDI Values Statement.
PDI's secondary mission is to coordinate and connect the efforts of other groups working on progressive action items, and to act as a bridge between grass roots activists and the Democratic Party leadership.
PDI will work to achieve goals specified in its issues platform with an ultimate goal of achieving this mission. The PDI issues platform ( ) will at all times reflect this goal. PDI will work within the Constitution of the United States of America in attempting to achieve its goals, and within the bounds of Illinois and Federal laws.
PDI works to achieve this goal in order to improve and maintain the quality of life of all people.